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Gnomes are small creatures originating from Norse culture. They are elemental beings, meaning they are protectors of nature, specifically the earth element.

Despite their small stature, gnomes are extremely energetic, cheerful, and hardworking beings. They assist humans in their work, either with physical strength or creative ideas. They are commonly known to occupy and work in mines, where they are said to store their fortunes and minerals.

Gnomes have a good sense of humor and love to play with humans by hiding objects, which are returned after they tire of the game.

They are diligent and enjoy working with a lot of love and fun. They bring a lighter energy to any work environment and make the workers more relaxed, significantly contributing to their results and gains.

They usually live in places with a lot of contact with nature, such as forests, woods, or even the backyard of your home, if it is an environment of positive energy and people who respect nature. After all, gnomes can become quite stressed when they encounter humans mistreating the Earth, although they are not capable of causing harm. They tend to distance themselves and refuse to help.

Gnomus Bowls shares this relaxed, joyful, hardworking, and playful energy, as well as the life philosophy of always being ready to help others and see them thrive in all aspects of life.

Açaí is a food that comes from nature itself, full of energy and nutrients, excellent for those who enjoy living life with a lot of adventure and taking advantage of the best it has to offer. Along with this nutritious food, we offer the option of delicious toppings that reflect the small doses of adventure we should have in our lives to occasionally break away from routine.

Gnomes convey this incredible message: knowing how to find balance in the way we live life.

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